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Clarification: This version of the story better reflects who the mother contacted at the jail about the allegations.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Investigators at the Oklahoma County Jail are investigating an alleged sexual assault that happened in a cell earlier this month.

“He woke up and his cellmate’s private parts were in his mouth,” a concerned mother told News 4.

KFOR is keeping her identity private to protect the identity of her son. She said he was sexually assaulted by his cellmate at the Oklahoma County Jail earlier this month.

“He’s so traumatized. I mean he’s screaming to the CO,” she said.

He claims no one came to help him. His mom told KFOR she called the jail and spoke with a lieutenant.

“I’m telling him what happened and he goes, ‘well, we can take a look at his little mouth if you want us to,’ you know, and kind of snickered on that,” she said.

She told KFOR that he then hung up on her. So she called right back.

“He says ‘ma’am, I already took your son to medical.’ I said, ‘but you didn’t, because I’ve been talking to him. There’s no way you could have taken him to medical while I’m on the phone with him,’ and then he hung up on me,” she said.

She also told News 4 while her son’s cellmate was removed from the cell, he was still in the same pod days later.

“When you look out of the window of your cell, you know he can see the guy and the guy is just taunting him,” she said.

Officials at the jail told KFOR the assault, and how it was handled by the staff, is under investigation.

“In this case, we’re actively looking at all parties. What did the DO’s do, what did the nurses do, the suspect – is he talking to us,” Mark Opgrande, a spokesperson for the jail, said.

Opgrande also told News 4 the alleged suspect was eventually moved out of the pod.

A few weeks ago, a judge granted D.A. David Prater’s request for a grand jury investigation into how the jail is being operated by the jail trust, which took over operations of the jail back in July of 2020.

In a statement sent to KFOR last week, Prater said the culture under the trust has “resulted in more deaths and maltreatment of inmates that I have ever seen.”

In a new, lengthy report by a jail consultant, he talked about “changing the operational culture” saying “the jail has too many employees assigned to job classifications that do not meet operational needs.”

That suggestion was one of 27 corrective measures the consultant wrote in the report for the trust to consider.

“I’m just at wits end. I’m losing sleep, getting sick. I even passed out at my job because I was so overwhelmed because I don’t know what to do,” the concerned mother told News 4.