OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office arrested 18-year-old Xzavier Samilton in connection to a shooting near the Oklahoma County Courthouse on Wednesday morning. Officers said the cameras inside the parking garage are what helped lead to the arrest.

“Without that camera system, we probably wouldn’t have gotten to the conclusion where we were able to locate a suspect and then apprehend this individual and take them into custody,” said Tommie Johnson III, Oklahoma County Sheriff.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said the camera system is robust and has new technology, so it’s easy to see people clearly in the video.

On Wednesday, there was a confrontation between two people in rival gangs on the 8th floor of the courthouse. Shortly after, shots were fired inside the parking garage across the street.

A man and a woman were hit by gunfire and went to a local hospital. They are expected to be okay.

“Xzavier Samilton is charged with two counts of shooting with intent to kill. It’s important to note we are still working to identify other people of interest,” said Johnson.

One person was arrested, but officers said getting answers could take some time.

“Any witness or victim and anyone who was around that was able to witness it or took part in it—no one’s cooperating as of yet,” said Johnson.

The Sheriff’s Office said there’s a lot more to investigate including what led up to the shooting in the first place.