OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In a press conference to clear up information, the Oklahoma County Sherriff said that the Deer Creek School District did not threaten to cancel their contract with OCSO over school resource officers.  

This revolves around the investigation into Sarah Hull-Degroat, the 23-year-old teacher arrested in December for allegedly sending sexually inappropriate messages to a minor student.  

“Multiple times in the past Deer Creek Schools have stated they could not release evidence to us and have threatened to cancel the contract between OCSO and Deer Creek for School Resource Officers if we obtained a search warrant,” said the affidavit for the search warrant.  

This was written by the investigator on the case.  

Sheriff Johnson said he was misinformed.  

“It was true to the investigator at the time, and he had no reason to believe that it was not true at the time he received information,” said the Oklahoma County Sheriff. “We cannot substantiate that these comments were ever used.”  

Jason Perez, the Deer Creek Superintendent, said his administration never made those threats.  

“We’re talking about student safety, so we’re not going to mess around with that,” said Perez. “We’re going to partner with any law enforcement group and provide them the information that they need as quickly as possible.” 

The sheriff said the school district gave the investigators everything they needed and there was no struggle to obtain key information.  

“I really wanted to clear this up for that school system for those citizens in the Deer Creek area so that they know that everything in their school system and the sheriff’s office is devoted to the safety of those kiddos,” said Johnson.