OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One nurse practitioner said the couple getting a chance to renew their vows Thursday morning in Oklahoma City can only be described as a miracle.

That’s because the husband was incredibly close to losing his life due to COVID pneumonia.

However, he miraculously pulled through and wanted to celebrate that milestone with his wife.

“We were so poor when we got married 28 years ago, we didn’t have a bouquet,” said Lola Cresente, the wife of Nelson Cresente.

There were some magical moments for the pair over 28 years of marriage.

“Let you always say it, very important to tell your wife, ‘yes, honey,’” Nelson said. “The only way you can keep it up.”

These moments weren’t always in the plans though.

As a matter of fact, both doctors and Lola thought instead they would be planning Nelson’s funeral just several months ago.

“It was hard,” Lola said. “No, I’m telling you, it was not easy.”

Last fall, Nelson was hospitalized with COVID pneumonia. Doctors insisted he go on a ventilator. Instead, he decided to go home on hospice.

Doctors and his wife believed he may be going home to die.

“Every sign we had was that we were end of life, almost imminent,” said Ashley Henson, a nurse practitioner with Valir PACE, who worked with Nelson at home several times. “We weren’t sure if he would make it home from the hospital in transport.”

Henson said what happened on one visit, though, could only be described as a miracle.

“I listened to his lungs and air was moving, for the first time in months,” Henson said. “He was actually improving.”

Nelson’s wife and Henson were both in shock.

Nelson, trying the best he could, was eventually moved from hospice care and began at-home therapies.

Now, he and his wife can dance together in harmony as they did Thursday. Both celebrated their love and enjoyed the life that was almost lost.

“Makes a big difference whenever you got 28 years together and you go through something like we’ve went through,” Lola said. “You know, you learn to appreciate life a little bit more.”

“It’s a year that we’ve been in the trenches together and we get to celebrate this miracle,” Henson said.

Lola said they hope Nelson keeps improving, since he isn’t at 100 percent yet.

They are wanting to live out their lives as they planned, taking trips and so on before Nelson got COVID.

“I want to keep fighting for the follow day,” Nelson said. “I mean, of course, nothing is going to stop me.”