OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It was no prank at the pump – on Wednesday morning, one local credit union was surprising drivers by filling their gas tanks for free.

Word spread quickly and many started lining up outside the Casey’s gas station on the corner of NW 192nd St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

Many drivers were surprised, shocked, and confused, but mostly grateful for the gift.

“Thank you guys so much,” said one driver who pulled up to find out it was his lucky day.

One woman told KFOR she would save around $80 thanks to the gracious gift.

For another driver, a teacher, it was perfect timing.

She pulled up to a pump, planning to spend her last $4 for gas, which would not have gotten even one gallon.

She told News 4 she had been anxiously watching her gas gauge.

“I just hope that it makes their day – that they feel like it’s their lucky day,” said Neliemarie Emert, branch manager at the new TTCU Federal Credit Union on NW 150th and Penn.

Emert said the company handed out more than $1,500 worth of free gas as part of a way to give back.

TTCU has been randomly showing up at different gas stations, car washes, and ice cream shops around the Oklahoma City Metro to pick up the tab for area neighbors.