OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Death penalty opponents are hoping a podcast will shine a light on the untold story of the convicted killer Scott Eizember and his traumatic childhood. 

“The name Scott Eizember should not be just a name,” said Jeff Hood, Eizember’s spiritual adviser. “This a person.”

It’s been nearly two decades since the gruesome murders of a Depew, Oklahoma couple. AJ and Patsy Cantrell were killed when Eizember went on a crime spree, terrorizing the state for days back in October 2003.

AJ and Patsy Cantrell
AJ and Patsy Cantrell. Image Courtesy: Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office

Eizember currently sits on death row awaiting his execution on January 12.

“These executions say more about us–who we are–as human beings than it does about the person being executed,” said Hood. 

Eizember was found guilty of many crimes, including first degree murder.

In October of 2003, he left the Tulsa County jail bent on revenge—planning to confront his ex-girlfriend about a protective order.

After hiding at her neighbors, AJ and Patsy Cantrell’s home, who lived across the street, they became Eizember’s first victims.

Next, he attacked his girlfriend’s son, Tyler Montgomery, shooting him and beating Tyler’s grandmother, Carla Wright, with the same shotgun he used to kill the Cantrells.

Eizember’s run from the law came to an end in Texas where he was shot by a man he had kidnapped.

Decades later, as his death sentence approaches, his podcast takes a look at what may have brought Eizember to this point.

“I also think this is a fascinating look at the life of someone who has made great mistakes but also has had all sorts of experiences,” said Hood. 

Hood stated during a Zoom call Tuesday morning that Eizember’s mother committed suicide when he was a baby. He also had a troubled relationship with his father. Hood is asking Oklahomans to not dehumanize Eizember and take a second look at the death penalty.

“Who are we going to be? Are we going to continue to perpetuate a culture of death? or are we going to continue to perpetual a culture of life?” asked Hood. 

Eizember’s podcast is avaliable on Spotify.