OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board has denied clemency for death row inmate, Scott Eizember.

In October of 2003, he left the Tulsa County jail bent on revenge—planning to confront his ex-girlfriend about a protective order.

After hiding at her neighbors, AJ and Patsy Cantrell’s home, who lived across the street in Depew, they became Eizember’s first victims.

AJ and Patsy Cantrell
AJ and Patsy Cantrell. Image Courtesy: State of Oklahoma

Next, he attacked his girlfriend’s son, Tyler Montgomery, shooting him and beating Tyler’s grandmother, Carla Wright, with the same shotgun he used to kill the Cantrells.

Eizember’s run from the law came to an end in Texas where he was shot by a man he had kidnapped.

Eizember was found guilty of many crimes, including first degree murder.

His spiritual advisor and lawyers say a traumatic childhood impacted his life severely.

Eizember’s mother committed suicide when he was a baby. He also had a troubled relationship with his father. 

“The name Scott Eizember should not be just a name,” said Jeff Hood, Eizember’s spiritual adviser. “This a person.”

Today, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board denied Eizember clemency 3-2.

“A.J. and Patsy Maye Cantrell were born and raised during the throes of the Great Depression in rural Oklahoma. The couple married in 1953 and built a happy and successful life. During their marriage, Patsy and A.J. raised three beloved daughters, Debra, Linda, and Marsha. The Cantrells were incredibly kind and giving, and they often gave back to their community in Depew, in any way they could.

Although they were both in their seventies, with multiple health problems each, the couple looked forward to living their golden years ‘filled with joy and wonder.’ However, they were robbed of that chance on October 18, 2003, when Scott Eizember murdered them in their own home. After holding the Cantrells captive for hours, Eizember shot Mrs. Cantrell and repeatedly bludgeoned Mr. Cantrell in the head with the same shotgun. Eizember then made himself a snack and drank and sat in the house, unbothered, as A.J. and Patsy languished and died.

Ultimately, an Oklahoma jury decided that death was the only just and appropriate punishment for the horrific murder of Mr. Cantrell. The conviction and sentence were affirmed after years of thorough reviews by the appellate courts. Eizember also received a sentence of 150 years for the murder of Mrs. Cantrell.

The Pardon and Parole Board made the correct decision in denying Eizember’s request for executive clemency. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Cantrell family.”

Attorney General John O’Connor

He is set to be executed January 12, 2023.