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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – While doctors continue to stress the importance of taking precautions against COVID-19, officials say there is a new group that needs to be aware of the dangers of the virus- hunters.

COVID has been found to be carried by different mammals, including deer across the United States.

Every year, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife conducts a health study on a sample population of deer. Recently, some of those deer have come back as having COVID-19.

Officials in Iowa have reported that roughly 80% of deer in that state have been infected, but Oklahoma officials say they do not know the infection rate in the Sooner State.

At this point, officials say they do not know how the deer contracted the virus.

So far, there are no documented cases of humans becoming infected with COVID-19 from whitetail deer.

However, hunters are encouraged to wear gloves and wash their hands when handling deer.