OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma-founded technology is helping surgeons get more high-tech – and it’s just received FDA clearance.

The augmented reality device provides not only a roadmap for surgeons, it also can improve outcomes and recovery for patients.

“It sounds futuristic,” said Jeff Potts, VP of Engineering at Xironetic. “It sounds like emerging technology.”

However, if you see it in person, Xironetic’s new technology looks actually quite simple.

“The application of this technology into healthcare, I think, is it’s transformative, it’s beneficial to the surgeon, but it’s beneficial to the patient,” Potts said.

Once you put on the headset – it enhances your view of the world.

“The technology is very intuitive,” said Dr. Christian El-Amm, the Chief Pediatric Surgeon at Oklahoma’s Children’s Hospital and the founder of Xironetic. “It overlays the CT scan data and the MRI data on the patient when we’re operating. So the surgeon has much more information at his disposal to carry out the procedures.”

For the last year and a half, Dr. El-Amm has been using this headset for complex procedures.

“We have tried it in plastic reconstructive surgery, and now we’re expanding the use for other specialties, such as orthopedic, general surgery, neurosurgery and things of that sort,” Dr. El-Amm said.

Xironetic recently received FDA clearance.

They hope it will be a game-changer for both surgeons and patients.

“What the technology does is allow the surgeon to have, a bit of x-ray vision through the patient and it allows us to have hopefully shorter surgeries, safer surgeries, smaller incisions and hopefully better patient outcomes,” said El-Amm.

Xironetic says this FDA clearance just gets them one step closer to getting this technology in operating rooms everywhere.