PERRY, Okla. (KFOR) – Families are claiming they’re having never ending problems with their mobile home after they bought it from a manufactured, modular and mobile home company in Oklahoma. 

Two families told KFOR the problems are so bad, they can’t even live in their home, and the company, Oak Creek Homes, is not doing anything about it. 

“They didn’t screw any of this dry wall in this house properly. This is a whole dry wall house, there’s no paneling anywhere in this house,” said Charles Brzezinski, bought a home from Oak Creek Home. 

The family showed KFOR how half of the home is uneven, along with a huge gap in the middle of the home. Also, some drawers don’t open, and fixtures placed on the walls and ceilings are uneven. Plus, tiles from the ground are coming up, and huge cracks run throughout the entire home. There’s even a protruding gas line.

“The biggest issue that I need to be resolved is I need to be made whole in something that I purchased. I have purchased something I was sold on false promises. I was sold something that I was led to be of quality and of the highest standards, as you can see, hanging on the refrigerator, the quality assurance certificate,” said Brzezinski. 

Charles Brzezinski said they were supposed to move into this home back in September of 2021, but when they saw these issues, they took action and asked the company they bought it from, Oak Creek Homes, for help. 

“100% stopped communicating with me,” said Brzezinski. 

Brzezinski said they’ve reached out several times to fix the issue, but Oak Creek Homes comes up with different excuses as to why they can’t help. 

“Their argument is, one, that you don’t have power to the house, you don’t have water to the house. You don’t need it. I have power on the property, I have water from the neighbors… I repeatedly told them; I am not putting no more money into infrastructure on this home until the home issues are resolved,” said Brzezinski. 

The family told KFOR, the problem is now separating their family. When asking about the most frustrating part, Brzezinski’s wife said, “Just not having my daughter here because we don’t have space,” said Shelley Brzezinski, bought a home from Oak Creek Home. 

“Our daughter has to live with her father right now because we’re living in our motor home,” said Brzezinski. 

Plus, another family is also having an issue with the same company in Tulsa. They were supposed to move into their home six months ago, and said their issues are estimating to cost around $100,000 to repair. 

“We have a lot of structural issues with the home where the kitchen floor is sinking. It’s gone down about three inches since they put it on the foundation. And it seems like there’s a broken floor… The whole house is painted the wrong color. The tile flooring is coming up throughout the whole house. The center line strip is not even attached,” said Christopher and Nicole Smith, bought home from Oak Creek Homes.

Both families said they are getting nowhere with the company and have now filed lawsuits against Oak Creek Homes. Both cases are ongoing.  

We confronted Oak Creek Homes OKC Monday. They told our KFOR crew we couldn’t record or bring a camera inside. 

We then asked to speak with corporate. They got back to us saying, “In response to your inquiry regarding Charles Brzezinski and Christopher Smith, both have filed legal action against Oak Creek.  It is our policy not to comment on pending litigation,” said Ronda McAllen, compliance officer at Oak Creek Homes.  

The two families told KFOR they met each other through Tik Tok after posting their issues to social media. They both said they’ve had several other families reach out to them with the same issue with Oak Creek Homes, and they all plan to continue to fight until the company makes it right.