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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Yukon family is out thousands of dollars in parts and labor after the auto repair shop they were working with closed before finishing repairs.

Bob Tomko said he was in a car accident back in December 2021.

Bob Tomko’s truck as of December 26. Photo courtesy: Mary Tomko.

“Took a little while for me to find somebody to work on the truck knowing full well that things can get a little expensive out there,” added Tomko.

His wife, Mary said she knew of a mechanic who could get the job done without breaking the bank.

The mechanic that came to Mary’s mind also happened to be a tenant her company was leasing space to.

She suggested Blockheads Auto Repair in Mustang.

Tomko told KFOR Blockheads Auto Repair had first done some minor repairs to the truck.

He liked the way the job was done, so he and Mary decided to get the rest of the vehicle repaired with Blockheads Auto Repair.

Tomko said the former Owner of the shop, Travis Harrison told them he’d have to order the parts needed directly from Ford.

That’s when Mary wrote a check for $2,050 out to Harrison for “truck parts and labor” on June 23.

The check Mary Tomko wrote out to Travis Harrison for ‘truck parts and labor’ on June 23.

Tomko reached out to Harrison via text message after that to ask how things were going on several occasions.

On August 22, Harrison told Tomko in a text, “Everything is going good. We should be right on schedule.”

Then, on October 12, texts between Harrison and Tomko show Harrison saying he had just gotten off the phone with a Ford representative who said the parts would be delivered October 25.

Mary then started texting Harrison about when to drop the truck off for repair on October 31, but Harrison didn’t appear to have replied.

December 12 rolls around and Tomko said they were still unsure of what was going on because of the lack of communication.

Mary texted Harrison once more saying, “I want my truck parts or my money back. This is a demand text. You have two days to contact me.”

Mary claims she was told she would receive a reimbursement once Ford reimburses him.

News 4 reached out to Harrison for an interview, but he declined.

He did share with KFOR, “We closed our doors months ago. Her [Mary Tomko] and her husband ordered parts through us. There was no contact for months. We knew we were closing so we sent their parts back to Ford when we closed so we could not be accused of stealing and unfortunately we have been anyways.”

According to a lease agreement between River Rose Properties and Blockheads Auto Repair, space was leased to Harrison for the auto repair shop from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.

Mary said once the lease expired, the contract rolled over to a month to month.

Harrison moved out of the space sometime between late November and early December, according to Mary.

Harrison went on to say he has all necessary paperwork in which he will be presenting it to the “courts where matters like this should be discussed.”

He said at the time of closing, he tried reaching out to the Tomkos several times, but never got a response.

Harrison added he thought he was doing the right thing by sending the parts back to Ford.

News 4 attempted to ask other questions, but Harrison said he didn’t want to be on the record.

Mary said she was never made aware that Harrison wasn’t reopening elsewhere.

“He told me he moved his shop with cheaper rent,” said Mary.

The Tomkos have since sent Harrison a Letter of Demand giving him until January 15 to reimburse them for the parts and labor they paid for six months ago.

Otherwise, the Tomkos plan to take Harrison to small claims court.

News 4 reached out to Ford about whether or not the parts were purchased through Harrison or Blockheads Auto Repair. We also asked if Ford is undergoing a delivery delay.

A Ford representative said they’re looking into the matter, but because the entire company is closed until January 3, the answer likely wouldn’t come until everyone is back in the office.

We’ll check back in with Ford next week.