NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Noble family is picking through the rubble of their home after it went up in flames last week, causing them to lose nearly everything they own.

“Imagine, everything you’ve worked for is just gone and then you have to start all over,” said Kevin McElvany, the homeowner.

He and his son were working on their car inside their garage on the evening of July 19.

“They pulled it in the garage because it was about 112 [degrees] that day and the car caught on fire,” said Amber McElvany.

When they realized the flames were spreading rapidly, they alerted the rest of the family and all eight of the McElvany’s sprinted outside to safety.

“We had about two minutes to get out before the first explosion happened in the garage and then four minutes before the rest of the house exploded,” said Amber McElvany.

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An Oklahoma family’s home was destroyed by fire. Image KFOR

In a matter of minutes, what was once a 4,000 square foot home burst into flames. It is now a massive pile of debris.

“We don’t really see things,” said Amber McElvany. “We see all the work and the time invested and the property, that’s it’s not the items, it’s just the memories that we had.”

Unfortunately for the family of eight, this is the second time the unthinkable happened. Back in 2013, their Moore home was destroyed by a tornado.

“It wiped our home completely out,” said Kevin McElvany. “So, we started over and just got back to a comfortable place and life again, and now this. So, you know, it is what it is. We’re strong. So, we’ll make it through.”

While the McElvany’s are once again rebuilding their life, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office has stepped up and donated various items.

“We got some Uno cards, we got home blankets,” said Lt. Kim Lopez. “This was just a tiny little bit of what this family really needs and deserves, and this just falls right in line with our mission.”

“We’re always looking out,” added Hunter McKee, a CCSO’s spokesman. “When we heard this story, we knew that this was a perfect opportunity to get out there and help.”

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help the McElvany’s get back on their feet. The link can be found by clicking here.