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GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma family has created a petition to get a Logan County judge disbarred for granting bond to their loved one’s accused killer. 

Brent Mack was shot and killed and found buried under a septic tank in northern Logan County.

Brent Mack in memoriam
Brent Mack

Mack’s former boss, Daniel Triplett, was charged with murder in the first degree and desecration of a human corpse on Oct. 25. Triplett is the owner of a septic tank installation business. 

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Daniel Triplett

Last week, Logan County judge Susan Worthington granted Triplett a $500,000 bond. He bonded out Monday afternoon. 

Mack’s family has now created a petition to get the judge disbarred.

“In Oklahoma, most people think if you’re charged with murder one, you’re not going ever to get a bond,” said Scott Adams. “You’re entitled to a bond on any crime from shoplifting all the way to murder in Oklahoma.”

Scott Adams is not connected to Mack’s case.

He told KFOR granting bonds to murder suspects is unusual but not unheard of.

Adams said the judge might consider the suspect’s prior history– and whether he’s a danger to the community.

“A lot of people will sit there and say ‘well, because he’s an ex-councilman, he’s getting special treatment,’ but that’s not what happened here,” said Adams. “At least from the record that was presented to the judge is apparently he has been an upstanding citizen, and he really hasn’t had any run-ins with the law.”

According to Guthrie News Page, three murder suspects in Logan County remain behind bars without bond — issued by Worthington — as they await trial.