LUTHER, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma farm and rescue is not only teaching teens how to take care of animals, but the planet as well.

Oliver and Friends is a nonprofit farm, rescue and sanctuary in Luther and they have been chosen to represent the state in the LEAP Program.

According to officials, LEAP stands for Leaders for Ethics, Animals, and the Planet, and is an education program for teens of high school age designed to offer an alternative to traditional agriculture programs such as 4H and FFA.

“O&F will be hosting LEAP students at our sanctuary where they will learn how to responsibly and compassionately care for rescued farmed animals, learn through workshops and in depth curriculum, and even be eligible for scholarships.” said Oliver and Friends on Facebook.

According to O&F, the farm will soon be accepting applications for high school students in central Oklahoma. Students must have reliable transportation to participate in the program.

Applications are open from August 25 to September 25. Applicants should be notified of acceptance status on or before September 26.

The program begins in October and participants can expect a full Saturday once a month. Schedules will be sent to students upon acceptance.

For more information or to apply, visit