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DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s a competition made for reality TV or a Hallmark movie; a local town caught up in the middle of a Christmas war.

The Del City Police Department, Del City Fire Department, City Hall and community center are all vying for votes on social media to determine who has the greatest Christmas décor of all.

Right now in Del City, the only thing shining brighter than the lights is the fire in the hearts of some competitive spirits.

“This year we definitely do have some competition with the police department now that they finally decided to put up some lights,” said Deputy Chief Z Williams, with the Del City Fire Department. 

For years, there’s been a citywide competition for the best décor in Del City and the fire department has dominated.

“They’ve done a tremendous job with it but think about it, they own all the ladders in the city,” said Mayor Floyd Eason.

With the fire department racking up accolades, Mayor Eason challenged the police department, who started with some trash talk.  

“You can come to your own conclusions but if you were to tour our facility, you would not find a single recliner or volleyball net,” said Capt. Brad Cowden, with the Del City Police Department. “None of us want to be firefighters because we don’t like having all that free time.”

Thus began the Christmas Cup.

Residents have been voting on social media for their favorite and so far, police are running away with it.  

“We do have the Facebook meme war going on right now between the police department and the fire department, which is kind of brutal sometimes but it’s all in fun and games,” said Vice Mayor Pam Finch. 

The public rivalry includes a lot of accusations of job-envy.  

“He really wants to be a fireman is what the deal is,” Williams said. “He asks to ride in our big red fire trucks and we let him ride sometimes but he just didn’t quite make the cut to be a fireman.”

“Our Fire Marshall Z Williams, he aspired so much to be a police officer that he actually went to the CLEET Academy to become one because he’s a fire marshall,” Cowden said. 

One-liners aside, residents are sitting ring-side for this holiday grudge match.  

“The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Del City,” said Eason.

The winner will be announced Monday at the Del City Council meeting.