OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Pumped up may be an understatement for Oklahoma City drivers, as three metro gas stations have the cheapest gas in the country, according to GasBuddy

“We track about 150,000 stations and these are the only ones that we show that are under the $3 a gallon mark,” said Patrick De Haan, Gas Buddy’s Head of Petroleum Analysis. 

Regular, unleaded gas costs $2.97 at the 7/11 at 1601 S Mustang Rd, the OnCue at 1600 S Mustang Rd and the Casey’s located at 141 S Mustang Rd in Yukon. 

“It’s a good day, first time under three. So, definitely excited about that,” a viewer told KFOR. “My wife texted me while I was over here. She’s like, ‘Go pump gas!’”

De Haan told KFOR the drop in prices is thanks to oil prices plummeting earlier on Thursday. 

“Government data came out yesterday highlighting a pretty notable decline in what the government reports for gasoline demand,” said De Haan. “Oil and gasoline, basically the energy. Yeah, all forms of petroleum plummeted today.” 

The Head of Petroleum Analysis said drivers should fuel up while they can, because these prices may not last. 

“I don’t necessarily think it’s going to show up at your corner station. This is something that will show up here and there and in a few pockets across the country,” said De Haan. “It is not the healthiest decline and there’s a lot of things that could derail it. But we’ve gotten a lucky break so far in the last month.” 

GasBuddy’s website says the average price of gas in Oklahoma City is now $3.61, a big drop off from this time last month.