GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released video of what led up to a drunk-driving arrest of a 68-year-old great-grandmother. When she was booked into the Logan County Jail, her attorney said she was bruised from head to toe and left with multiple broken bones.

“God, please stop!” the arrested woman can be heard screaming on the video.

The video shows a struggle between an OHP Trooper and Nancy Kemp. It appears to show minutes long altercation.

Back in May 2022, The trooper said he pulled over Kemp for having using her brights on I-35 and Seward Rd. He said the 68-year-old smelled of alcohol and the trooper said he noticed her “red watery bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.”

Inside the trooper’s car, Kemp told him that she had just left an OKC bar.

“I did have a tequila,” said Kemp on the video. “I had a shot, that’s why I had a lot of water.”

The situation escalated when the trooper backed up his patrol unit to start a field sobriety test.

Trooper: “I’m going to back up. I’m going to make sure you’re okay to drive.”

Kemp: “No, No, No.”

Trooper: “Yeah, you are”

Kemp: “No.”

In his initial report, the trooper said that’s when Kemp opened the passenger door, slammed his computer, and tried to reach for her license. The trooper grabs her wrist and writes that he covered his gun and grabbed her neck to stop her from running.

“No, don’t do that! Listen, don’t do that,” said Kemp to the trooper.

Then the two fall out of the passenger-side door and the scuffle moves out of frame.

“You’ve got my hand, please stop!” yelled Kemp. “Get over on your stomach!” replied the trooper.

The fighting goes on for at least five minutes while the trooper tried to put Kemp in handcuffs. The trooper said when kemp resists, the trooper gives her several knees and elbows to the face.

Back in May, Kemp’s attorney told News 4 that along with the bruises, the trooper also broke several ribs and her nose.

“Please stop! Please, oh my god. My nose!” said Kemp.

Kemp’s attorney also said “..any struggle was in defense of her life – and frankly, we are all grateful that she made it out alive.”

“I’ve got one fighting,” said the trooper on his radio. “No he doesn’t!” said Kemp.

“For your children’s sake let me know what I did to upset you,” said Kemp.

Kemp was booked into the Logan County Jail on multiple charges, including DUI, obstructing an officer, and resisting arrest.

“You’re going to jail,” said the Trooper. “That’s fine” said Kemp.

The Logan County District Attorney provided the following statement.

“The actions on the part of the arresting officer were a reasonable exercise of his duty to bring into compliance and control a drunk driver who was putting the general public, herself, and the officer at risk of harm.”

News 4 requested the video the same month the incident happened. OHP said the reason it took so long to release it is because they were conducting their own investigation.

Kemp’s attorney, April Coffin provided the following statement:

We are incredibly disappointed with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s lack of transparency. Our request for this video was sent with payment on May 11 of this year – more than eight (8) months ago – and the failure to this day of OHP to provide the same not only is a likely violation of Oklahoma’s Open Records Act, but continues to damage my client’s – and many others’ – belief in OHP as a law enforcement agency. Gratefully, we obtained the video this afternoon by other means, and will be reviewing the same with Ms. Kemp and her family. We certainly wish DPS valued my client’s right to timely view this evidence as highly as it values the opportunity to pander to the public.

An OHP’s Chief’s Inquiry also determined the trooper did not violate departmental policy and his actions were justified.

The case has been closed.

Kemp’s next court date is set for February 9th 2023.