OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One Oklahoma Senator seeks to give municipalities more control over allowing marijuana grow operations within their city limits.

Sen. Bill Coleman, R-Ponca City, has authored legislation Senate Bill 801 that would allow cities and towns to modify their standard planning and zoning procedures where marijuana or its by-products are cultivated, grown, processed, stored, or manufactured starting Nov. 1, 2023.

“Currently, Oklahoma’s statutes are confusing as to whether municipalities have the power to decide if they want marijuana grows in their communities, so this gives them control of such decisions for businesses licensed after Nov. 1,” says Coleman.

Under SB 801, any marijuana businesses licensed prior to Nov. 1, 2023, could continue to operate until they were no longer licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Coleman pointed to the recent fire that took out a large marijuana grow in downtown Tonkawa on Jan. 19 as an example of just one of the dangers municipalities must consider. The building was a total loss.

The bill will be up for consideration when the Legislature convenes next month.