OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma lawmaker has filed a bill that would ensure that current employees are exempt from certain vaccine mandates.

Sen. Blake Cowboy Stephens has filed Senate Bill 1128, which is also known as the “Employee Liberty and Freedom Act.”

Under the measure, it would be illegal for any employer to require their current employees to submit to or take any vaccination or medication as a condition of employment.

“My heart goes out to the hardworking employees who’ve spent decades on the job only to be told they have to get a shot or they’ll be fired,” Stephens said.  “For older workers, they may not be able to find another job in their field.  My bill simply says that you cannot change the rules on your existing employees.  If an employer wants to start requiring a vaccine as a condition of employment, it can’t be applied retroactively—it would only apply to new hires who would know what the rules were from day one.”

Stephens says he is concerned about loyal workers suddenly being faced with a new requirement that could force them out of their jobs.

Senate Bill 1128 can be considered next legislative session.