OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some of Oklahoma’s elected officials are speaking out after former President Donald Trump entered a not guilty plea on 34 felony charges of falsifying business records Tuesday.

The charges arose from a series of checks that Trump or his company wrote during the presidential campaign to his lawyer and fixer for his role in making a payment to Stormy Daniels who alleged an extramarital sexual encounter with Trump years earlier.

The payments were part of “an unlawful plan to identify and suppress negative information that could have undermined his campaign for president,” Assistant District Attorney Christopher Conroy said in court.

They were made to “protect his candidacy,” Conroy added.

All 34 counts against Trump are linked to a series of checks that were written to Trump’s personal lawyer and problem-solver, Michael Cohen, to reimburse him for his role in paying off Daniels. Those payments, made over 12 months, were recorded in various internal company documents as being for a legal retainer that prosecutors say didn’t exist. Cohen testified before the grand jury and is expected to be a star prosecution witness. Nine of those monthly checks were paid out of Trump’s personal accounts, but records related to them were maintained in the Trump Organization’s data system.

“Thirty-four false statements made to cover up other crimes,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said at a press conference after the arraignment. “These are felony crimes in New York state, no matter who you are.”

The investigation also concerns six-figure payments made to Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. Both say they had sexual encounters with the married Trump years before he got into politics. Trump denies having sexual liaisons with either woman and has denied any wrongdoing involving payments.

Several Oklahoma lawmakers are reacting to Tuesday’s events.

Today’s arrest of President Trump by a far-Left District Attorney in New York is a politically motivated witch hunt and a serious abuse of power that is destructive to our Republic. It is obvious that these charges were only brought because President Trump is running for President.  This will make President Trump stronger and increase support for him as Americans are tired of their government being used against “We the People.” The real reason he is “wanted” is for making America Great Again; the ideology and actions he took as President. I continue to call on Democrats to join Republicans in condemning this baseless act of political persecution.

Representative Josh Brecheen, OK-02

For those who think this will harm President Trump’s chances at running for the White House in 2024, I have news for you: it won’t. The same people who were outraged over the possibility of Hillary Clinton’s prosecution for obvious crimes are now celebrating yet another witch hunt against the former President and political opponent of the current President. This type of hypocrisy is disgusting, and it underscores what millions of Americans see as a blatant double standard in our justice system, causing many to lose faith in those institutions. This will only lead to further division in this country. Despite President Biden’s hollow commitment to unity, I have yet to see him take even one action in pursuit of that goal.

Representative Kevin Hern, OK-01

Senator Markwayne Mullin tweeted four days ago after the indictment was announced.

“Let’s call it like it is: Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is weaponizing our judicial system to go after President Trump in a complete partisan sham. This is the same radical liberal DA who lets violent criminals roam New York and pushes soft-on-crime policies that make America less safe,” said Mullin. “Instead of blindly fixating on political retribution of a political opponent, DA Bragg should address the skyrocketing crime epidemic in his own backyard. Oklahomans see right through this blatant partisan witch-hunt. It will only make President Trump stronger going into 2024.”