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DEL CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Del City man was arrested Wednesday night for allegedly threatening to blow up a local Occupational Safety and Health Administration building over COVID-19 protocols.

“We know we know firsthand what domestic terrorism looks like,” said Bradley Rule with the Del City Police Department. “That’s how this would fall as a domestic terrorist.”

“He needs help,” said the man’s ex-wife who did not want her identity revealed. “Mentally, he needs help, he’s at a breaking point. He’s lost.”

James Moore, 53, was transported from the Del City Police Department to the Oklahoma County Jail Thursday afternoon.

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James Moore. Courtesy Oklahoma County Detention Center website.

“He has a problem with the OSHA implementing for employers either requiring a vaccine or requiring the wearing of facial coverings,” Rule said.

Rule said they arrested him Wednesday night after receiving a call about the threats Wednesday afternoon.

“The threat was very specific that he was going to rent a truck and fill it full of gasoline, pull it up in front of the building, detonate it and then take his own life,” Rule said. “We determined that we couldn’t wait. He had to come off the streets right now.”

When police arrived at his residence, they found multiple guns inside his home and two pistols on his person. Rule said that Moore even tried to take all the money out of his bank account to implement the alleged plan.

“This individual was very specific on how he planned to carry out this and execute his plan,” Rule said.

Photo of James Moore
Photo of James Moore provided by Moore’s ex wife

“He has some mental issues and I guess yesterday was a breaking point,” his ex-wife said.

His ex-wife stood and watched as it happened, completely in shock by the news.

Moore’s now ex-wife said they were married for 30 years and just recently divorced. She claims that before this, Moore was never in trouble for anything more than a busted taillight.

“I was in shock,” she said.

She said he always had an anti-government mentality. Since the COVID pandemic hit, she said it pushed him over the edge.

“I don’t understand, it’s a mental health issue. It really is,” his ex-wife said. “I’ve been trying to work for two years to get help and it’s very hard.”

Moore declined an interview with detectives and right now he is being charged at the state level. Authorities said they do expect to hand their investigation over to the feds when they are done.