GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – What started as a bizarre encounter with a stranger escalated into a terrifying, near-death situation for one Guthrie woman. 

“I thought I was having a heart attack. I was so scared,” said Sharon Hughes, the victim. 

Hughes tells KFOR she was inside her home on E. Cleveland Ave. on Friday evening when she heard a noise outside. That’s when she discovered a stranger, that we now know was Jordan Peters, holding a piece of wood in her yard. 

“Saying ‘This is a nice piece of wood, I think I’m going to take it. It’s worth a lot of money,’” said Hughes. “And I said, ‘Who are you? You just can’t come on people’s property and say, ‘I want this.’'”

According to Hughes, Peters eventually dropped the wood and she thought he ran off. 

She said she was shaken up, so she warned her neighbors to keep an eye out for him. 

“We kind of try to keep it a close-knit community,” said Hughes. “Meanwhile, we didn’t know he came back in through my back door.” 

An already unsettling situation turned absolutely terrifying when Peters allegedly jumped out from behind Hughes’ bedroom curtain, swinging weapons.

“I heard this man yelling at me, ‘I’m going to kill you!’” said Hughes. “He had, like, a big hammer and a hatchet and he came at me.” 

Hughes said she literally ran for her life, as Peters chased her into her backyard. 

“He’s chasing her around the table, and she doesn’t even know the guy,” a 911 caller told police dispatch. “We need somebody.” 

Thankfully, Hughes eventually got away. 

Meanwhile, Peters barricaded himself into her attic and a standoff with police began. 

“Some bizarre things begin to happen. He starts chopping a hole through the attic,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs with the Guthrie Police Department. “He attempted to assault their officers by throwing bricks, pipes, at least on two occasions and then the decision was made to cut a hole in the roof in order to be able to see more clearly and introduce anything that might make his day bad so that he’ll come out anyway.”

Several hours and two cans of teargas later, Peters finally surrendered. 

According to the Oklahoma State Courts Network, Peters is charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, First Degree Burglary and Assault and Battery Upon a Police Officer. 

The website also says Peters was in court on Monday and his bond is set at $200,000. 

Hughes walked away with some cuts and bruises. 

Unfortunately, her house was significantly damaged during the incident. Her niece has set up a Go Fund Me to help her make repairs.