MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Midwest City man claims his elderly mother was taken advantage of by a company that sells solar panels. He said they talked her into a contract worth nearly $85,000. He’s now trying to get her out of the deal and is warning others. 

The solar panels are worth $84,346.52 and they have been sitting on a 70-year-old woman’s driveway for several days now. She told KFOR it would take her 25 years to pay it off and she had no idea she signed a contract online.

“Everybody knows that the elderly are an easy sell and they’ll have to pay regardless if nothing else happens,” said Michael Moore, claims company took advantage of his elderly mother.  

Moore claims salesmen from the Utah based Encor Solar company used high-pressure sales tactics to get his mother to sign a contract she can’t afford. 

“I’ve told them to come get their stuff and they won’t do it,” said Moore. 

His mother, Terri Moore, said she had no idea she was signing an electronic Doc U Sign contract. 

“My name was printed on there, but I thought signing was where you signed it. And they said just, you know, tap that button, type that button that that button,” said Terri Moore.

Moore said someone walked her through step by step on what to press.  

“Touch this and touch this and touch this and touch this. So, I’m kind of one of those way to trusting of people. And so, I was touching the screens where they were telling me to touch. And then they said, well, we’re all done,” said Terri Moore. 

Days later there was a delivery of nearly $85,000 worth of solar panels Moore claims she didn’t want to sign up for. 

“And then and this guy shows up and asked me about moving the car because he had to deliver it to my step… I said, but I don’t want it,” said Terri Moore. 

Moore said his mother also suffers from mental health issues that he believes played a big part in this mess up. 

“I don’t think she needs to make decisions on her own anymore,” said Moore. 

Moore said the company is willing to let her out of the contract, but it will cost her thousands of dollars.  

“It’s pretty upsetting,” said Moore. 

KFOR attempted to get a hold of someone from the company about this issue, but we never heard back.