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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A man is being charged with attempted rape and assault with a dangerous weapon Monday after video shows him attacking a woman in southeast Oklahoma City in his boxer shorts, pulling her pants down and climbing on top of her in broad daylight. 

“Ma’am are you OK?” A woman said in a cell phone video as she pulled up to the incident in her car. “Sir! Oh my God sir!” 

The young woman was walking on a sidewalk near SE 44th Street and Sunnylane Road. Court documents said the man grabbed her by her backpack, pulling it off, and then wrapping his forearm around her throat. 

The documents go on to state that the defendant pulled the victim’s pants and underwear down and knocked her to the ground.

The attacker, 46-year-old Ricky Stoner Jr., was only wearing boxer shorts according to the documents and was trying to “penetrate” the victim.

Ricky Stoner Jr. via Oklahoma County Detention Center

The documents state he was unable to do so, and the victim was screaming. From there, the documents state Stoner placed his hands over her throat and began squeezing. The victim told police that Stoner made comments about killing her if she wouldn’t be quiet. 

The chilling moments were all caught on camera by a passerby. 

“Definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Nick Abbott said, a man who got out to help the woman. “Especially middle of the morning, everybody’s going to work, right on the side of the street.” 

Abbott drove by as he was out for work but was not the person filming it. He said it was early, probably around 8 in the morning when it happened. 

“It threw me off guard completely, kind of in shock of what I was seeing,” he said. “He was definitely on top of her trying to basically rape her.” 

So, Abbott said he made a U-turn and parked by the scene.  

“There was a lot of yelling going on, screaming,” he said. “I said, ‘you need to get off of her.’” 

This is when Abbott said Stoner’s attention turned from her, to him. Allegedly Stoner pulled a knife and started to come after him. Court documents state Stoner threatened to stab him. 

“I started backing away when the knife came out, he was saying ‘where you going?’ One of those deals, he started walking toward me,” Abbott said. “I did everything I could just to kind of not only get away from him but get him away from her.” 

He said he eventually got into his truck and got inside. He said he started driving his truck back and forth without leaving the scene keeping Stoner’s attention. This gave the victim enough time to get up and get to safety inside Abbott’s truck. 

“I couldn’t just witness that and continue to drive really, I had to stop and do something,” Abbott said. 

According to Abbott, Stoner stayed there and continued to yell things at them. Stoner is in the Oklahoma County Detention Center on one count of first-degree attempted rape and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Abbott was recognized in front of the Del City city council Monday and given a certificate of recognition.