SEMINOLE, Okla. (KFOR) – An El Reno man named Paul personified the Oklahoma Standard when he hopped in his vehicle and took off to help the tornado-stricken Seminole community.

Seminole was devastated by a powerful tornado Wednesday evening.

Houses were leveled, power lines were snapped and trees were ripped from the ground.

Paul had just the right supplies and expertise to lend a hand and help set the town back on a path of recovery.

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Paul in Seminole, helping out. Photo from KFOR.

“We have a roofing company, we have boards and we figured we could at least board some windows up, help out any way that we can,” Paul said. “We’re just going to board up any of these windows that were broken, keep people out and things in…for free.”

Paul said his plan is to offer his services to any business in need. It’s all part of doing the right thing.

“I’ve done a lot for my grandparents to roll over in their grave, well now they’re high-fiving each other,” he said.