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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A suspected drug dealer now faces a murder charge after being accused in a deadly heroin overdose.

“It’s tragic that we got so many overdoses here in Oklahoma,” said Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

Jon Kelly Knutson

Jon Kelly Knutson is charged with first-degree murder after his alleged customer, Jeremy Masters, overdosed from heroin. The victim was found dead inside his Edmond home Oct. 18, 2019.
Court documents revealed Masters took an Uber to purchase $200 worth of heroin from Knutson. Masters would be dead less than eight hours later.

“We were fortunate that the evidence in this case led us back to the person who supplied the drug,” said Woodward. “Every death is a tragedy. Every overdose a tragedy because you know these people, they have family members. They’re husbands and wives. They’re sons and daughters.”

Jeremy Masters

Authorities were able to obtain a Facebook search warrant for messages between Masters and Knutson. The warrant search of Knutson’s Facebook page also found him conversing with more than 50 others about purchasing illegal narcotics, even after Masters’ death. Woodward said it’s unique to see murder charges filed in a drug overdose case.

“In this rare circumstance, we were able to trace to an individual or dealer, which is often times very, very difficult to do,” said Woodward. “Bottom line is we had an individual who bought some heroin and ended up, unfortunately, a victim of an overdose.”

Oklahoma attorney Tony Coleman is not representing the suspect but said anytime death happens in the commission of a felony, then first-degree murder charges are appropriate.

“I will tell you this, anytime that death results at the hands of another regardless of what the act is, Oklahoma, or any state, will try to pursue charges in an effort to seek justice,” said Coleman.

The trial was set to take place here at the Oklahoma County Courthouse this week. It has been moved to September.