EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Edmond police are investigating after an Oklahoma man found a loaded handgun in a Walgreens parking lot. 

Ray Johnson told KFOR he was purchasing skin cream for his 5-month-old baby Thursday afternoon. 

As he was leaving, he noticed the loaded weapon. 

“I happened to look down and found the firearm, and I picked it up,” said Johnson. 

Johnson found it at the Walgreens near Edmond Road and Santa Fe.

It turns out the weapon was loaded. It had six bullets in the clip and one in the chamber.

“I’ve owned firearms my entire life,” said Johnson. “I’ve been shooting firearms since I was little. It’s education. It’s not just leaving firearms around.” 

Ray Johnson's post about finding loaded gun in parking lot

He believes the weapon doesn’t have a firing pin safety – meaning it was ready to shoot at any time.

“It could have been a teen, a criminal, or anybody that could have used that and potentially harmed somebody,” said Johnson.

That’s what prompted Johnson to call the police. 

A legal gun carrier himself, Johnson credits God for leading him to Walgreens that day and finding the loaded gun before it got into the wrong hands.

“I’m pro-Second Amendment, I’m pro-Constitution, and I believe people have the right to protect themselves, but with that comes the responsibility of training,” said Johnson. “I fully trust God, and I think he just wanted me to be there at that time.” 

The Edmond Police Department came to Johnson’s place to pick up the gun. It’s unclear who the gun belongs to or if it was stolen.

KFOR has contacted Edmond police for a follow-up. This story will be updated once News 4 receives a response.

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