PURCELL, Okla. (KFOR) – A McClain County jury convicts a man of two first degree murder charges in the 2018 killing of a pregnant mother of two.

The state argued Joshua Finkbeiner was a key player in Shaliyah Toombs’ planned murder. The defense argued Finkbeiner is not the one who actually murdered the 23-year-old, and the group he was with only meant to scare her.

“She’s a good person. She has a good heart,” said Twyla Taylor, Toombs’ mother, to News 4 in 2018 days before her daughter’s body was found in a truck in Goldsby.

Shayliah Toombs

Finkbeiner said he and his girlfriend, Stacy Harjo, believed Toombs stole Finkbeiner’s bag of work tools, worth a couple hundred dollars.

Prosecutors telling the jury, “Shaliyah Toombs was killed over nothing.”

Prosecutors said while Daniel Vasquez was hanging out at Toombs’ Oklahoma City apartment, the couple forced Toombs inside Finkbeiner’s truck, at gunpoint, before all four went searching for the bag. That’s when Thompson got a disturbing text from her daughter.

“It was just like she’s in trouble,” said Taylor.

Prosecutors said after Harjo told him to, Finkbeiner tried to strangle Shaliyah multiple times, while the youjng pregnant mother screamed, “Please don’t” and “I’m sorry, Josh.”

The defense said Finkbeiner’s humanity caused him to stop squeezing and he could’ve killed her if he wanted to. Investigators said it was Vasquez who ultimately strangled Shaliyah, at Harjo’s direction. His alleged motive was a stolen wallet.

Prosecutors showed the jury video Finkbeiner filmed of Vasquez admitting to the killing. In the video, he said “I told you I’d get you back, dumb b****.”

Daniel Vasquez, Joshua Finkbeiner and Stacy Harjo

Prosecutors said Finkbeiner gave the truck to Vasquez to hide the body in acid, a hog farm, or Mexico while the couple drove off to Arkansas.

All three were caught and arrested.

Vasquez was convicted on two first-degree murder charges in 2021 and sentenced to the death penalty.

Harjo is being held in jail on murder charges.

Sentencing for Finkbeiner begins on Wednesday.