OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma man received a new bicycle, free of cost, after his beloved bike was stolen.

Russell Dewberry’s only means of transportation was snatched while he was inside a southwest Oklahoma City store in late February. 

“He was beside the building and popped up like a jack in the box. And then all of a sudden, he got on, and it took off,” said Dewberry.

Dewberry was given a new ride thanks to the generosity of a News 4 viewer and his company. 

“We were getting ready for work that morning and saw y’all come on the news with this story,” said Nick Ditch with Dynamic Assembly. “So, I automatically called the boss and asked him if we could help.” 

Nick delivered a new black and green O’Zone Bicycle to Dewberry’s front door Friday morning. 

The gesture paid off because Dewberry was overcome with emotion. 

“I didn’t think I was going to get that one back. It’s a true story,” said Dewberry. “I love it. I always believed in Oklahoma.” 

Dewberry told KFOR his new ride and the generosity of strangers strengthened his faith in humanity.

He has filed a police report. While he doesn’t have the best suspect description, Dewberry stated the man was white, had tattoos and a long beard.