Correction: The suspect’s name is Brittan Kirk. It was originally reported as Kirk Brittan because that is how his name appeared in a police report.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – In the wake of yet another mass shooting in America, an Oklahoma City man’s potential plot was foiled after confessing he wanted to commit a “large-scale act of violence.” 

“Unfortunately, in this day and age, we have no choice but to take those threats seriously,” said Allie Friesen, the director of the Behavioral Health Clinical Program at INTEGRIS Health. “Typically people who participate in acts of violence are really suffering from pretty severe mental health concerns or under the influence of another substance.”

Court documents reveal that Oklahoma City police were called to Oakwood Springs Medical Facility, after Brittan Kirk said he wanted to perform the “large-scale act of violence.” 

While looking through Kirk’s car, police allegedly found a part from an AR-15 style gun, several hundred rounds of ammunition and a copy of books containing “information and instructions on how to construct homemade explosives.” 

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Brittan Kirk

The court records added that Kirk has an “extensive history with mental health interventions.” 

“When we see the actual acts of violence that is the absolute tip of the iceberg, right? So, typically there’s a lot of indicators, a lot of markers that happen before that actual act of violence,” said Freisen. 

During an interview with police, according to court documents, Kirk confessed that: 

  • He had attempted to purchase a firearm today (May 22) to kill politicians at the gun show but was denied when he made the statement to the seller about using the firearm to kill politicians. 
  • He claims he is in possession of at least one additional rifle and pistol. 
  • He has previously plotted to steal an aircraft and crash it into a building similar to the 9/11 attacks. 
  • He is a formal Commercial FAA Pilot.  
  • He specifically stated he wanted to assassinate Bernie Sanders. 
  • Stated he wanted to kill people in a fashion similar to the recent Buffalo NY shootings.

After searching the home where Kirk lives with his parents, court documents say police seized a pistol and nearly 150 rounds of ammunition, as well as a hard drive, iPad and computer. 

KFOR went to the home to try and talk to the family to get their side of the story, however, no one answered the door. 

Kirk’s legal representative, Tommy Adler, Head of Criminal Defense for Adler, Markoff & Associates, issued the following statement to KFOR:

“We are proud to represent Mr. Kirk.  Mr. Kirk is a 36-year-old fully-disabled young man who has successfully battled serious mental health issues for years with the continuous support and supervision of his loving parents.  Mr. Kirk was unarmed, has no access to firearms or other weapons or destructive materials of any kind, and was taken into custody by OKCPD after he self-reported to a local Mental Health facility seeking care and treatment.  We are assisting Mr. Kirk and his family in their continued full cooperation with law enforcement and their investigations; so as to ensure both the safety and peace of mind of the public.  Mr. Kirk is currently receiving the expert care that he desires and needs.  We are confident that Mr. Kirk is not a threat to any person and that he will be able to continue to receive the mental health care that he needs in order to regain stability and control over his disability.”

Tommy Adler

Kirk has been charged for Endeavor to Perform an Act of Violence and Devise a Plan to Cause Serious Injury or Death.