MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Midwest City man claims AT&T workers broke his sprinkler system almost two years ago after moving his water meter.

He said they’ve done everything to try and get it fixed but have been running into dead ends. 

The family who lives in the home said their sprinkler broke when the workers moved the meter about two feet closer to the street. 

“So, they physically moved that down and it’s on the outside of the fiber optic cable,” said Joe Goldstein, claims AT&T workers broke his sprinkler system. 

That was back in March of 2021. During that process, Joe Goldstein said they broke the waterline to the house. 

“We started noticing water draining down overnight out of the hole they made,” said Goldstein. 

That was fixed, but then the family noticed their sprinkler system wasn’t working, and it’s been like that for almost two years now. 

“We checked our sprinkler system and sure enough, no water. So, it took me about six months to find a phone number to call,” said Goldstein. 

When asked if he’s been able to water his grass for the last two years, Goldstein said, “Not with the sprinkler system. We’ve done the old hose trick.” 

Goldstein said they’ve tried everything to get hold of AT&T to fix it. 

“Very frustrating because the whole process of trying to find somebody at AT&T to talk to and to get follow up, it’s been a dead end for me… They hide stuff from the average person who doesn’t know where to look or where to go to get help from corporations,” said Goldstein.  

Goldstein told News 4 he’s made two claims. Each time someone came to take a look, but never did any work.  

“This is going to probably be about $1,000 job to find this deal and re-hook it up,” said Goldstein.  

On top of the broken sprinkler, workers left damage to the front yard. The family ended up having to fix that themselves. 

“I don’t know what damage they did with the machines too at the time, because all their nice work they did with their hands and shovels disappeared with those machines came in. I mean, there’s a lot of pressure on those things,” said Goldstein.  

A spokesperson from AT&T sent a statement regarding the incident.

“As we work to bring high-speed fiber internet to more communities, our goal is to minimize impact on residents as much as possible. In this case, our contractor does not have any record of previous damage claims for this address. We’ve reached out to the homeowner to investigate and are working with our contractor to assist with repairs and resolve any impacts from their work.” said AT&T.

Just two hours after KFOR reached out to AT&T about this issue, Goldstein told us someone from AT&T showed up to his home to help resolve the issue.