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OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – Purcell and Davis police departments are warning about an age-old scheme after a man was scammed out of hundreds of dollars.

“They’re just preying on people. They’re just predators,” said Chief Dan Cooper with the Davis Police Department.

“Don’t buy things from people out in parking lots,” said Detective Sergeant Scott Stephens with the Purcell Police Department. “Because you never know for sure what you’re going to be getting.”

A Purcell man thought he was purchasing a television and sound equipment; instead, he was given a box of junk, according to Stephens. Inside the box, a knock off projector worth $40, a piece of wood and glasses.

“It’s money that these people will probably never see again because these people never stay in one place,” said Cooper. “It wasn’t what he thought he was buying. He thought was buying a big screen TV set, and that wasn’t what it was.”

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An Oklahoman was tricked into buying what he believed was a large screen television.

Stephens told KFOR scam artists set up in parking lots and appear to be selling items for an unbelievable deal. But then switch it out for something of less quality.

“In some cases, they’ll even wrap it in plastic and cellophane, and it looks like they are unopened,” said Cooper.

In Purcell, you’ll need a city license before selling anything.

Authorities are warning crooks to think twice before they commit this type of crime.

“Once we catch you, we’re going to prosecute you to the full extent of the law,” said Cooper.

“If you do it in Purcell and we catch you…you’re going to go jail,” said Stephens.