LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – Bond was revoked for a Guthrie man Friday after the state says he violated his bond restrictions.

Daniel Triplett, who is accused of killing Brent Mack and burying him beneath a septic tank in September 2021, is now in custody after the bond hearing Friday afternoon.

The hearing was short – maybe 20-30 minutes, at most.

The state brought in two witnesses to prove Triplett violated his bond restrictions. The defense argued that the violations weren’t egregious, but the judge ruled to revoke his bond.

“He was guilty, he’s still guilty, he will always be guilty and any kind of way you dice that, he needs to be exactly where he’s at,” said Garland Pruitt with the NAACP.

The revocation is a reversal of a Logan County Special District Judge’s December decision to grant Triplett a $500,000 bond.

“This man is off the streets,” said Brendon Mack, Brent Mack’s son. “He shouldn’t have been on the damn streets in the first place.”

Triplett’s bond restricted him to travel to attorney’s appointments, medical care, and court hearings.

However, prosecutors argue he violated that by stopping at a gas station on the way to a meeting with his attorneys and a Waffle House on the way back.

He also stopped at a bank in Guthrie, according to a bank employee and witness, who said she was surprised to see him there.

Triplett’s probation officer, also a witness, said a GPS tracker confirmed he went to places he was not granted to go by the court.

“Obviously, we are very, very excited that Mr. Triplett is where he should be and where he always should’ve been,” said the Mack family attorney Damario Solomon Simmons.

The attorney for the family also argued the civil side of things.

“He was given a bond based upon a privilege of who he was and yet he’s so arrogant he couldn’t even adhere to those rules,” Solomon Simmons said.

The defense argued that stopping for gas and food are minor violations, adding he only stopped at the Waffle House for about 2 minutes off an approved route by the court.

They admitted the bank stop was inexcusable but were turned down on alternatives to revoking his bond.

“I’m so proud now that justice is being served,” said Troy Franklin-Smith, Brent Mack’s brother.

“We wouldn’t rest until justice was served and we’re here now,” said Terrell Mack, Brent Mack’s son. “Let’s keep the ball bouncing and get all the justice that we deserve.”