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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority says a northeast Oklahoma City marijuana testing lab had its license revoked.

In March, the OMMA submitted an application to revoke the license and suspend operations at Nationwide Engineering and Testing, LLC.

The document reads, “The Oklahoma State Department of Health, prays this court revoke, or in the alternate suspend, the License of Respondent and order Respondent to cease and desist all business operations, return the License to Petitioner, and dispose of any medical marijuana or medical marijuana products in Respondent’s possession.” 

It alleges, “violations that place the public’s health and safety at risk” and reads in part, Nationwide “did not have the capability to test for heavy metals.” 

The lab also allegedly “did not store samples in a way or manner that prevents degradation, contamination, and tampering” and “transported medical marijuana samples without a transporter license.” 

The OMMA also alleges “despite a “stop work” order from the Oklahoma City Fire Marshal,” Nationwide, “continued to operate in unsafe conditions.” 

Throughout the investigation, officials with Nationwide denied the allegations.

In March, Nationwide’s attorney sent KFOR a statement, saying, “While at this time the company denies these allegations, Nationwide Engineering and Testing, LLC, takes them seriously and is investigating and exploring all legal options.”

On Monday, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announced that an administrative law judge had ruled that the company was not in compliance with Oklahoma laws and regulations.

“Respondent’s license is currently revoked as an emergency measure pursuant to the Order entered April 12, 2021.”