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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A caravan of Oklahomans, including elected officials, were at the Capitol Wednesday as events unfolded, and at least one was arrested throughout the day.

“I felt like I needed to go to this one because the president wanted us there,” said Brian Hobbs.

Hobbs is the mayor of Newkirk, a town in Kay County. He said he’s helped organize a number of Trump rallies, and wanted to answer the president’s call to oppose the certification of the presidential election in Washington in person.

He said he knows of about 50 to 100 Oklahomans who left for the nation’s Capitol this week, convening on Wednesday at the Washington Memorial.

After that, they marched to the Capitol Building.

“I don’t know if that’s when some of the quote unquote stuff went down was before I actually got on the steps of the Capitol,” Hobbs said.

What Hobbs described as a peaceful demonstration, became a chaotic mob scene inside the building, prompting the evacuation of the of the Vice President, and members of congress to shelter in place.

Hobbs said he remained outside and did not witness violence.

“There wasn’t anybody hitting each other or anything like that,” Hobbs said, “it was just a couple guys with blow horns you know, talking , and I was just kind of sitting back filming it.”

He said he left soon after police started deploying tear gas.

“I wasn’t going to stay there for any kind of conflict,” he said, “I mean, that’s not why we came.”

Marsha Murphy, an ammunitions seller based in Hinton, was allegedly caught outside in D.C. after curfew.

She and five other women were arrested together, court documents stating they “did not obey the warnings.”

Murphy’s husband told News 4 she went because she wanted to support the president.

“I am on the bus right now waiting for the other females that are being arrested,” Murphy is heard saying on a live Facebook video she posted after the group was handcuffed and put onto a bus. “We did go past curfew.”

Mayor Hobbs said he won’t stop planning rallies to support the president, but that he condemns those who took part in any violence Wednesday.

“That was not Trump’s intention, it was not my intention, it was not anybody that I know’s intention,” Hobbs said. “Those people should be ashamed of themselves. It’s unacceptable.”