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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Due to delays with the postal service over the last year, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is making some changes to ensure license holders always have the medication they need.

Slow mail service has impacted patients of all kinds, including medical marijuana license holders in Oklahoma.

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OMMA officials say it has made the process of getting new cards into patients’ hands in time for refills difficult.

“We just really wanted to make sure that our patients were able to access and prove that they had the legal ability to possess and utilize their medication while they’re waiting for that,” said Dr. Kelly Williams, Director of the OMMA. 

So, the OMMA has instituted a new policy.

Cardholders who submit their application before its expiration date will still be able to use the current card for up to 30 days past the expiration date, after the renewal is approved.

“So you can apply up to 30 days before that expiration date,” Williams said. “So make sure you get all of your materials submitted before that expiration date.”

It can take the OMMA anywhere from five days to two weeks to process a renewal application.

“So make sure you apply early and then once you have that application for your renewal approved, the card that you already have in your hand will be able to be verified at a dispensary for an additional 30 days after your renewal is approved,” said Williams.

Officials say the new grace period is vital for many Oklahomans.

“To make sure that they don’t have any gaps in their access to their medication while they’re waiting for that new card to come in the mail,” Williams said. 

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This change only applies to patients.

Dispensaries can still apply for renewal for up to 60 days before their license expires. There is a 30-day grace period that was already part of that.