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ELK CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A Western Oklahoma middle school teacher is behind bars after being charged with selling steroids out of her house.

Investigators raided Heather Porter’s Elk City home Thursday, finding more than 1,000 bottles of steroids.

The Elk City Police Department is still uncovering the full scope of the alleged operation, for which Heather Porter is now facing 10 felony charges. Her husband, Travis Porter, is facing three felony charges, and the charges against her 20-year-old daughter, Klaudia Porter, are pending. All three have been arrested.

Residents of the usually quiet Calhoon Street neighborhood were stunned by the raid of the Merritt Middle School teacher’s home.

“She’s into bodybuilding and some had rumored that she maybe messed with steroids, but no one would have thought she would distribute them and have them all in her house,” said neighbor Dylan Anderson. “It was actually shocking to be honest. It’s a sad, sad story.”

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Heather and Travis Porter

Elk City Assistant Police Chief John Cook said they were tipped off to the alleged scheme while police were looking into an unrelated assault case that the Porters weren’t involved with. It led them to uncover cell phone messages believed to be sent by the family discussing steroid sales. Those messages go back to 2018. That’s when authorities got a search warrant for the home.

“It’s concerning to us,” Cook said of steroids. “The health effects don’t occur instantly, but down the road. Those things have long term effects on the health of possibly young men and young women who may have been taking these things. We’re very concerned about that.”

The fact that Heather Porter is a teacher is also alarming to them while they continue to investigate alongside the Oklahoma District Attorneys Drug Task Force – District 2.

“Our concern is if these suspicions are true, that we have a teacher that has perpetrated these kind of crimes and has access to kids, that’s of great concern to us,” Cook continued.

He added that this case may end up crossing county lines and even state lines as they get more search warrants for bank accounts and social media accounts.

KFOR has reached out for comment to Merritt Public Schools, where Porter teaches, and are waiting on a response.