OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The nationwide infant formula shortage continues to leave Oklahoma families scrambling for ways to feed their babies, but officials at the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank (OMMB) say they’re prepared to help.

 It’s a nationwide problem that is hitting Oklahoma families hard. The baby formula shortage has retail shelves looking scarce.

According to retail software company, Datasembly, the national out-of-stock rate for baby formula reached 43 percent last week – up 10 percent from April’s average.

Experts blame supply-chain problems and labor shortages. There was also a nationwide recall of certain Abbott products, one of the leading formula producers.

“We’ve certainly had an increase in families calling, asking about what’s available to feed their baby, asking questions about formula, and asking questions about donor milk,” said Becky Mannel, Executive Director of OMMB. “The good news is we’ve also had a huge increase in the number of breastfeeding mothers calling to donate, which is exactly what we need.”

OMMB primarily provides human milk to hospitals in Oklahoma and nearby states for NICU infants who can’t handle digesting formulas and need the immunity boost.

But hospitals aren’t the only customers at the milk bank – Oklahoma families with babies outside of the hospital are also welcome to receive some of their stock.

“Any families that think they might have a need for donor milk in lieu of whatever type of formula they’re providing for baby, they can certainly call the milk bank and we’ll work with each family to see what their needs are and how we can help or can we refer them to appropriate help,” said Mannel.

As for the donations, Mannel says the OMMB is seeing the Oklahoma Standard shine during this time of crisis.

“Oklahomans are generous people,” said Mannel. “What do Oklahomans say when there is a crisis? You know, ‘What can I do to help?’ And that’s what our breastfeeding mothers are saying too. ‘What can I do to help?'”

If you are interested in donating, head to Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank’s website and take a short screening.

After going through the screening process, you can drop milk off in person or use overnight shipping at no cost.

Anyone with questions, or those seeking milk or donating milk, can call the OMMB at 405-297-5683 or email info@okmilkbank.org.

OMMB is accredited annually by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).

Not every state has a milk bank, but HMBANA has a curated list of vetted milk banks across the U.S.