OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It’s the coldest weather we’ve seen in 18 months.

The dangerous weather conditions leave those unhoused with no place to stay warm. But thanks to a local ministry, they’ll have a place to keep warm. 

“It’s Christmastime, and we want them safe and warm,” said Donna Heins, with Grace United Urban Ministries.

Heins is setting up the emergency shelter inside Eastside Church of Christ. 

She and her ministry used a small bus to pick up Oklahomans living in homeless encampments. 

“They are so grateful because they know how close they are to dying in this type of weather,” said Heins. 

Dozens of unhoused people arrived at the Midwest City church without shoes and some without socks.

But thanks to countless donations, the ministry was able to provide them with necessities.

“We’ve taken people out of tents, put them back in the school, put them back on jobs,” said Heins. 

Hot meals will be served, and they’ll have a place to sleep.

The support system is felt deeply, especially for Cynthia Perryman, who recently became unhoused.

“I feel that people love me,” said Perryman. “There’s help for me because I wasn’t gonna be able to do it.” 

“The bottom line is that everybody doesn’t have an addiction,” said Heins. “Everybody does not have a mental illness. [Some] very good people are on the street.”