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UPDATE: Investigators say they have now spoken with Jasmine Deshler, saying she is alive and well.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)- An Oklahoma mother is desperately searching for her 20-year-old daughter. 

“There are a lot of mind things going through my head right now for her,” said Karin Koniezcki. “[I fear] that she’s laying in a ditch, gone, and we can’t find her.”

Koniezcki filed a police report with the Oklahoma City Police Department after her daughter, Jasmine Deshler, did not return home from work Monday evening.

She worked at the Buffalo Wild Wings near I-40 and Rockwell.  Deshler was working a shift when she vanished. 

“She did leave work that day again by herself,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department. “A short time later, her phone was turned off.” 

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Jasmine Deshler

Koniezcki told KFOR her daughter’s boss told her Deshler seemed to be in a hurry, but she showed no signs of being upset.

“Her manager said that she seemed fine, that she seemed very happy,” said Koniezcki. “She did say though, that she was rushing out real fast.  And my fear is maybe something happened.”

Koniezcki stated her daughter is known for getting in the car with strangers but says there’s something about her disappearance that seems all wrong.

“She normally would contact me even if she goes to a friend, she’ll let me know right away. She never just goes off for this long amount of time,” said Koniezcki. 

“There’s no evidence of foul play, but there’s not any evidence of anything that will lead us to where she is,” said Knight. 

Deshler has been getting ready to attend her senior prom at Western Heights High School.

“Either she’s out there doing something or with a friend, or somebody grabbed her,” said Koniezcki. “I want somebody to notify us or the police.” 

Jasmine was last seen wearing her Buffalo Wild Wings uniform: black pants, a Buffalo Wild Wings shirt, and a gray hoodie.