HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – With everyone watching every penny these days, an Oklahoma mother is upset after receiving her water bill from the city of Harrah. 

“Don’t take a week and a half to call somebody back,” said Shaina Horn. “Don’t say, ‘Hey, it’s not my problem. It is your problem.'”

Horn told KFOR she set up her account with the city of Harrah in May. 

Her account was already activated days before she even moved into her home.

“They started the service on May 4th,” said Horn. “We didn’t move into the home until May 9th.” 

On top of that, a significant water leak happened at her new home before moving in.

That leak resulted in double the amount Horn would typically pay each month. So, she called Harrah’s utility clerk for answers.

“They pretty much told me that it’s not on them,” said Horn. “The lady that started my water service was no longer with them, and I just need to reach out to my landlord.”

When Horn refused to pay the bill she said she did not owe, her service was disconnected. Then, reconnection and late fees were applied.

Horn said it was the conflicting answers from the city that made her upset.

“We want people that want to move here to be taken care of and feel like they’re special because that’s the way we’re going to treat them,” said Lewis Moore, city manager of Harrah. “She didn’t realize that she needed to specify the actual start date beyond the date that she signed the document.”

Despite the confusion, Horn is now happy to get the issue resolved.

“We know how our jobs and stuff go. But don’t be rude. Don’t take a week and a half to call somebody back,” said Horn. “You guys do the billing, so just be a little more in tune with your clients and say, ‘You know what, you’re having an issue.'”

The city did waive her reconnecting fee, and the city manager is supposed to give her a call this week to waive the late fees.