OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A little Oklahoma City girl is still dealing with injuries over a week after she was hit by a car near her elementary as the school day was just beginning.

It happened in front of Putnam City’s Northridge Elementary last Monday near Rambling and 85th.

The mother of the student who was hit said it all happened so quickly as her daughter got out of the car, started crossing the road and was hit by a car coming down the street. 

“Seeing your child standing there when the car is coming is very traumatizing,” said Tonia Kozlowski, daughter hit by car during school drop-off.  

Regan McGregor, a 6-year-old kindergartener who attends Northridge Elementary School, was hit by a car during drop-off before school. Her mother, Tonia Kozlowski spoke with KFOR about what happened.   

“I see the car come around the corner and I screamed ‘Reagan’ and she saw the car. The car was like, right about here and actually hit her. She went up and then down on her back… Getting hit by a car at 46-pounds, it doesn’t matter if it was going three miles an hour or, 20 miles an hour, it’s still going to hurt,” said Kozlowski.  

The good news is, little Regan is back in school.

However, her mother worries about the possible long-term effects. 

McGregor’s mother told KFOR her daughter now suffers from back pain and PTSD from the accident. 

“We’re going to have to see a specialist… Even at the grocery store. She’s just afraid that the car’s going to hit her,” said Kozlowski. “She’s complaining about her back. She told me that she had to tell the kids at school not to run so fast because it hurts her.”

According to the police report, witnesses said it did not appear the driver was speeding at the time.

But the mother and other concerned parents KFOR spoke with said speeding is an issue in that area, and they are stressing drivers to pay attention and slow down around the school.