Oklahoma mother terrified for her sons, feels they might participate in armed protests


OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma mother said she is terrified for her two sons, saying they might take part in armed protests that are planned across the nation. 

Several armed protests are being planned for all 50 states, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, just about one week after a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol.

Melissa said she’s worried her sons in Texas might take part in them. 

“Are you worried that your sons could die because of this?” KFOR asked. 

“Yes,” she said. “Because apparently they don’t seem to want to concede.” 

Melissa said she did not want to give her last name for her own protection.  

“This is absolutely not a joke; I’m telling you they are locked and loaded,” Melissa said. “This is coming down to what they perceive to be a civil war and they are fully prepared to fight.” 

One of her sons took to Facebook. You can see quotes from two of his posts below. 

“Remember… this is all a plot to destroy the image of our great president Donald J. Trump. He won by a landslide, with over 100mil votes and was robbed of his second term! The men who proclaim to be QAnon nutballs, are not part of the organization. These men are paid actors… is this the first black flag event that we have seen? No. Be smarter than the media narrative! These men do not represent MAGA… and if they do, SO WHAT! This nation was founded on fighting tyranny, and if we silence ourselves and crawl back into our holes, we just spit on every American life that has been lost in defense of this nation! Not even this nation, but the principles of a free and fair society… not founder and formed on social ranking, but founded on the blood, sweat, and tears… of HARD WORK. If we do not continue to fight and struggle, then we have allowed the American dream… to die. Even if we lose… we have to continue to fight the swamp, it’s not time to run, it’s time to dig in… trench warfare boys and girls. And when the whistle blows… only barb wire and bullets will stand in our way. Only you can make a difference! Every single soul has to put forth the effort in refounding our party and focus on ousting the traitors in power! It may take time; but until Christ comes back… time is all we have.” 

Photo from Melissa

“Everyone is saying that this shouldn’t have happened… I support and express approval of the freedom of expression. If congress will not hear our voices, they will hear our guns. Period. We as a free people, will not bow a knee to oppression and a stolen election! I implore that militias should head to Washington D.C. to overthrow this process and put Trump back in the presidency! We the people have spoken, and we the people will not allow our voice to be drowned out by the swamp or by the fake news media! This was not a fair and free election, it was rigged and stolen from the American voters!” 

Melissa requested that KFOR do not reveal the names of her sons. However, she gave us permission to show pictures.

“This has to stop before something happens,” she said. 

Caleb Lack, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, said social media is what makes it very easy to fall down conspiracy theory rabbit holes. 

“They get a huge amount of kind of social reinforcement to engage with people who have the same beliefs they do,” Lack said. 

According to Lack, another thing adding to it is confirmation bias. This is the tendency to search for and interpret information that confirms our prior beliefs and values. Lack said it only makes things worse. 

“A lot of people really have been radicalized to believe in these things that are untrue,” he said. “That are resulting in breaks with family and friends that you’ve been close to your entire life.” 

He also listed another other thing that is a major contributor to the belief in conspiracy theories. 

“One is wanting there to be kind of a predictable control or order to the world,” Lack said. “In other words, I feel like I know what’s going to happen or I feel like I know what’s going on even if those things are completely false.” 

Melissa said she just hopes this will change soon. 

“I’m proud of our country but it’s different now and nothing will ever be the same,” she said. 

 “We have to take a step back and examine our own beliefs,” Lack said. “I think that’s what everyone should be doing right now.”

Melissa said she has reported certain things to the FBI. 

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