OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has a secret weapon against crime, and she’s been making big drug busts.

K9 “Trixie” made two major fentanyl busts in the past couple weeks.

She intercepted eight kilos of cocaine and three kilos of fentanyl that were being trafficked through Oklahoma this week.

“That’s enough raw material for nearly 70,000 dosage units of Fentanyl had it reached the streets. Good girl!” an OBN official said on social media Thursday.

Trixie has been on a hot streak.

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Trixie posing proudly next to the pound of fentanyl pills and 26.8 pounds of raw fentantyl powder she intercepted. Image courtesy of Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

Last week she intercepted a pound of fentanyl pills and another 26.8 pounds of raw fentanyl powder – enough fentanyl for 270,000 dosage units.

OBN has a few other hotshot K9s, including “BOLO” and “Yeko”.

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Thirty kilos of heroin intercepted by K9 “BOLO”. Image courtesy of Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

BOLO intercepted 30 kilos of cocaine and five kilos of heroin in late May.

Yeko intercepted 11 kilos of cocaine in April and three pounds of meth in March.

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Yeko with the 11 kilos of cocaine he intercepted. Image courtesy of Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

OBN has five K9s that work throughout the state, according to Mark Woodward, OBN spokesman.

They range in breed from Labrador Retriever to Belgian Malinois to German Shepherds.

“We get them from companies that specifically breed and raise them,” Woodward said. “Our guys get them and train with them when they’re at a certain age.”

OBN agents confiscate several thousand pounds of drugs every year, including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl. The drugs are often smuggled by way of interstate and highway.

K9s are an agent’s best friend when it comes to catching smugglers and finding the drugs they’re concealing.

“We would say they are an invaluable asset in our efforts to stop drugs that have been smuggled into the United States,” Woodward said. “These traffickers are sophisticated in how they hide drugs, but these K9s have an incredible ability to locate the drugs regardless of how they’re hidden.”