OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Fans of a hit NBC show were able to see coaches fight for an Oklahoman competing for a spot on the series.

On Monday, season 23 of the ‘The Voice’ premiered on NBC with judges Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance the Rapper.

During the blind auditions, Ross Clayton from McLoud made his debut on the show.

He sang ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color,’ which earned him a four-chair turn.

Watch Clayton’s performance here.

Clayton, who is a father of three, says he had to take a break from singing to focus on his family, but is now back on stage.

First-year coach Niall Horan got down on one knee and begged Clayton to join his team, even forcing all of the other coaches’ chairs to turn back around for a ‘bit of privacy.’

“I’m telling you please, please,” he said as he dropped to one knee. “Forget about whatever any of them said. That’s why I spun them around, I didn’t want to hear any more crap.”

When it was Blake Shelton’s turn to fight for Clayton, he made a pitch-nonpitch.

“I kinda hate to say anything now if I have to pitch myself to him. I’m gonna have to talk about our kinship as Oklahomans. I would have to talk about, if I was pitching, the fact that Ross would probably like to get out and do some gigs. I just happen to have venues that he could do that in, one in Oklahoma. Wouldn’t that be cool? Have Ross ride off into the sunset with me on my last team ever I’m going to have on this show,” Shelton said.

Clayton ended up becoming the first member of Niall Horan’s team. The first-year coach begged Clayton on one knee to join his team.

You can watch Clayton’s performance here.