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THE VILLAGE, Okla. (KFOR) – The Village Police Department said three people are now behind bars after a drug raid turned into an early Monday morning wake up call for one metro neighborhood.

“This is the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. We have a search warrant for the residence. We are not leaving,” said a member of the Oklahoma County Tactical Team over an LRAD, a high-powered public address system, around 6 a.m. Monday. “We have a search warrant for your house. Everyone needs to come outside with your hands held above your head.”

“We could hear it through all the windows and everything like that,” said Joe Mayo, who lives nearby.

“The dogs were barking and barking and then my kids got up and were like ‘somebody’s outside,’” said neighbor Mija Rodriguez-Bishop. “We definitely got woke up. It was really loud.”

It was a Monday morning wake up call Village residents didn’t ask for.

With the sun still rising, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted The Village Police Department in serving a search warrant at a rental home near Penn and Andover Court.

Officers believed drugs and weapons were inside.

“We are about to start putting chemical agent into the residence. If there are any children in the house, you need to send them to the front porch,” said law enforcement over the LRAD.

“Took them about 30 minutes to get the first person out of the house,” said Mayo. “You could tell they were probably scrambling.”

“It took them quite awhile to come out, which makes us nervous. But, we’re never in a hurry,” said Deputy Chief Russ Landon.

“Listen! Open that door! Cooperate! Do what you’re told to do!” another member of the tactical team could be heard saying.

About half-an-hour later, six people finally emerged from the home and gave officers room to search inside.

“Heroin was found in syringes and also powdered methamphetamine, along with countless types of paraphernalia to inject those drugs,” said Landon. “We found enough fentanyl to justify trafficking charges.”

In all, three people were arrested and others are being investigated.

“They were arrested for trafficking CDS, controlled dangerous substances, within 2,000 feet of a school. There’s an elementary school less than 1,000 feet from there,” said the deputy chief.

Village Police told KFOR the home in question has been on their radar for several months, after someone survived an overdose.

“The overdose, coupled with neighbors calling in suspicious activity, strange sights, and sounds and disturbances,” said Landon. “We drove by and found a stolen car in the driveway last week. Of course, no one knew anything about it. So, we impounded it.”

“I noticed the police were watching them. There’s always traffic in and out of here,” said Rodriguez-Bishop.

The Village Police Department are not releasing the names of those involved, because this is still an ongoing investigation. However, officers said they may or may not be investigating similar houses in the area.