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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A woman and child are safe after an alleged kidnapping in Logan County.

The two were allegedly taken from the Crescent area by the child’s parent, 29-year-old Joshua Wallin, and driven to Texas.

The victim’s family filed a missing persons report. 

Police say she failed to show up to an event and left behind essential items. There were also some suspicious items located.

“When law enforcement arrived, we were notified by a family member that they had located a black bag, that seemed suspicious, that had items such a zip tie, a rope, and some tape,” Logan County Undersheriff Troy Dykes said.

When communicating with the suspect and victim, they said they were fine, but law enforcement felt that wasn’t the case.

“Our gut instinct was potentially they were not,” Dykes said.

Officials in Texas were able to locate them while they were in their vehicle.

A chase ensued.

Authorities chased Wallin through two counties, and he even called 911, telling the dispatcher to have the officers back off, claiming he had a gun and a bomb.

Officers were able to spike the vehicle, but it wasn’t over.

“Unfortunately, the driver and an infant jumped out of the vehicle, he grabbed the infant ran inside of this building. The spouse was able to get away from the offender,” Interim Chief David Blackmon with the Corpus Christi Police Department said.

Officers say he fired a shot inside the building and told everyone to get out. That’s when a standoff ensued.

Hostage negotiators spoke to Wallin for several hours.

However, Wallin then shot himself.

“Unfortunately, it ended with him shooting himself before we could come to a peaceful resolution,” Blackmon said.

He is in critical condition at last check.

Authorities checked his home for bombs but didn’t find anything.

He is expected to face federal charges.