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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A local oil and gas equipment manufacturer is creating parts for oxygen compressors to be sent to India.  

Dustin Anderson, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kimray Inc. says an urgent order for 100 valves came into the company from India.

“We need these valves. We need them quickly. There’s a bad situation over here with COVID. We’re having thousands of cases a day and thousands of deaths and we need to generate oxygen,” said Anderson.

The company is well-known for creating parts for oil and gas units, but they are not used to creating parts for oxygen compressors.

“Engineering had to look at the specifications of this valve because we hadn’t made it in a long time and we had some material constraints,” said Anderson.  

Anderson says the company went to work as fast as possible to fulfill the order.

“We had people from supply chain get in their trucks, on their own, and drive to Kansas to pick up parts from the manufacturer, we had vendors start to ship things at their own cost and drive them to us. We really saw people jump through hoops,” said Anderson.  

He says they were able to deliver 50 valves to India in just 15 days.

“Our original lead time on something like this would have been around 20 weeks, maybe even longer,” said Anderson.  

The machines the valves are attached to supply oxygen to 100 different patients in hospitals in India.

“When you start to put those numbers together, when they’re out of oxygen essentially in these hospitals in India, that starts to impact a lot of people very quickly,” said Anderson.  

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Anderson says the job goes far beyond the sale.

“When you have an opportunity like this to really step up and meet a need that is bigger than what we normally do and it’s impacting lives, then it’s huge. It really is fulfilling,” he said.  

The company is set to deliver 50 more valves to India as soon as possible.