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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole board denied clemency for a man convicted in a quadruple killing.

Gilbert Postelle, 35, admitted he was involved in the shooting deaths of four people at a mobile home park back in 2005.

James Alderson, Terry Smith, Donnie Swindle and Amy Wright were apparently targeted because Postelle believed they were responsible for a motorcycle accident that injured his dad.

“Was the four-minute killing spree worth what you are paying for now,” said Mary Jo Swindle.

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Gilbert Postelle

It’s been 16 years since the tragic Memorial Day. Fifty-six rounds were fired into the home of Donnie Swindle in May of 2005.

“I believe, Gilbert, that you deserve the sentence the 12 jurors gave you 14 years ago,” said Mary Jo Swindle.

The mothers of Wright and Swindle asked the Pardon and Parole Board to show no mercy for Postelle since they say he offered none to his four victims.

In fact, there’s evidence he bragged about his crimes.

“When Gilbert Postelle got in the getaway vehicle, he later boasted ‘that b—h almost got away,’” prosecutors argued.

But his attorney, Bob Nance, says Postelle’s childhood neglect, including a meth addiction from age 12, can’t be ignored.

“When the terrible crime was over, Gil’s dad said, ‘That’s my boys.’ He was proud of him,” said Nance.

In fact, Postelle targeted Swindle, believing he was responsible for causing a motorcycle crash in 2005 that injured his dad. That was never proven in court.

One Parole and Pardon Board member asked Postelle, “But you still believe that happened?” Postelle responded, “Absolutely! That’s what my father told me.”

Postelle went on to say his dad was everything to him and he had no reason to believe he was lying.

His daughter, who was just two years old at time of the murders, asked the Board to show her father mercy.

‘I’m sorry to the victims’ familes for the pain they had to go through, but I’m asking you today to not put me through that pain,” said Postelle’s daughter.

Despite admitting to his guilt, Postelle asked the board to spare his life.

His attorney claimed Postelle is a changed man and also trusted to work around the prison.

“You may be a changed man, but my son and three others are still dead,” said Swindle.

“When we hear that there should be a concern whether her killer should be afraid or feels pain…all we can think about is that her nails are gone because she was clawing away trying to get to safety. Gilbert Postelle went there to kill everyone. He didn’t botch it,” said Amy Wright’s mother.