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NOBLE, Okla. (KFOR) –  A Noble police officer is under investigation following allegations of abuse of power and inappropriate behavior toward underage girls.

“I was just like this isn’t something that should be happening,” Jessica Klingel told KFOR.

Klingel is talking about a Noble police officer who she said started sending her inappropriate messages on social media when she was only 16 years old.

“He added me on Snapchat and just started asking me how my day was going, asking me what my plans were for the weekend, like if I was hanging out with anybody,” she said. “Just being like ‘oh, you look cute in that outfit today’ or ‘I like the skirt you’re wearing in your story.'”

In one of those messages to Klingel, the officer said “You are abosolutely stunning” with a kissing emoji. She responded, “Don’t you have a wife?” The officer replied, “I do, but I always try to give a compliment.”

“There is an officer who is sending his information out to anyone who has had experiences with him. So, I have reported my experience with him and sent him the screenshots and everything,” Klingel said.

Noble’s police chief confirms to News 4 that an investigation is underway and the officer is on administrative leave. That’s all he would say for now, adding that this is a personnel matter.

“He would come in all the time to eat and he would sit right at the bar where I was and he would just flirt over and over,” another alleged victim told KFOR.

She wants to remain anonymous. She told News 4 that the officer would behave inappropriately with her when she was only 16 years old and was working at a local restaurant. 

“He told me that he knew what car I had and was gonna pull me over the next time he saw me driving through Noble at night and he was laughing about it,” she said.

A third person contacted KFOR via email this week saying similar things happened to her when she was in high school.

She wrote, “When going to a trusted adult at my high school, they refused to believe me and then told me maybe he thought I was pretty.”

The email went on to say, “I know of a young girl who he told if she would give him her number, he would drop the ticket for speeding through the high school zone.”

“He shouldn’t be messaging anyone and no one should be making comments on your body or what you’re wearing and touching you, and that alone is enough for something to be done about it,” Klingel said. “I’m just looking forward to wherever this is gonna go because this has been something that was an issue before I was in high school and it’s been an issue since I was in high school.”

News 4 is not naming the officer at this time because there have been no arrests or charges.